Far away from mass tourism, the unspoiled natural beauty of the Gröbminger Land invites you to linger. Enjoy the climatic health ressort and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings to go hiking, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing.


Ennstal Classic

The Ennstal Classic is one of the most important automative events in Austria. "Drive in the last paradise" with vintage cars. This is the motto of the yearly Ennstal Classic. Be there!


For further information on the Ennstal Classic, click here.


Salina in the spa gardens

The outdoor inhalatorium in Gröbming deserves your attention. Inhalation of saline air helps loosening slime, soothes irritations and inflammations and has healing effects on chronic diseases.
The area around the salina is available to the public at any time and free of charge.